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The Benefits of Drinking Beet Juice

beet-juice-benefitsWe all know that beets are super good for our health. It provides a ton of vitamins and minerals and it strengthens our liver for optimal health. But it also provides something that many are not aware of. It provides an energy boost.

If you rely on coffee every morning to get that extra boost of energy maybe you should consider drinking beet juice instead. It has been shown to increase stamina in athletes and for the average Joe it simply gives you more energy.

One of the key components in beet juice is naturally occurring nitrates. Nitrates help open up the blood vessels by increasing a molecule called nitric oxide. The result is increased oxygen and blood flow while lowering blood pressure.

Research has shown that drinking one cup of beet juice a day can significantly lower your blood pressure. So it’s best to start out slow and drink half a cup a day until your body gets used to it. Then you can drink one to two cups a day.

So is juicing beets better than eating the whole vegetable? Yes and no.

Eating the whole vegetable is the best way of getting all the fiber and nutrients the way nature intended. But if stamina and lower blood pressure is your ultimate goal then juicing may be the better option. Cooking lowers the nutritional content of the vegetable which thereby gives you less of the naturally occurring nitrates. But by juicing you are getting all of the nutrients of the vegetable intact.

There are only two known side effects of drinking beet juice. It may give your urine and bowel movements a dark red color because of its carotenes. This is absolutely harmless. One serious side effect is people who are prone to kidney stones should avoid drinking beet juice because of its high oxalates content.

While drinking beet juice has all of the health benefits as eating the whole vegetable it’s important to drink it in moderation. The sugar content of one beetroot is roughly 6 grams. It’s easy to go overboard and drink 8 beetroots in one sitting.

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  • Faith Farley
    February 25, 2016, 9:24 am

    Beets, I have eaten them pickled Fri the canned. Can I use this item or should I buy fresh n prepare myself.